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A SET OF 6 Wooden Clothes Hangers

A SET OF 6 WOODEN CLOTHES HANGERS is a practical storage solution for your wardrobe. Each hanger is the perfect size to hang a wide variety of clothes including suits, jackets, sweaters, and more. They are easy to clean with a mild detergent and ship in a box of 6 pieces. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, this set is a great choice.

Closet Spice 6 pack sturdy suit hangers

Closet Spice Polystyrene Plastic Hangers are affordable, durable, and great for organizing your closet. They are available in individual and sets. Whether you have a small or large closet, these sturdy hangers will keep your clothes organized. Whether you need to hang a shirt, tie, or suit, these sturdy hangers can help you.

These suit hangers are durable and non-slip. They feature shed-proof EVO foam pads and a swing design, so your shirts and blouses will not slide around. They also fit standard closet rods. They are also finished with a chrome plating process for a stylish and durable look.

Closet Spice’s 6-pack of sturdy suit hangers can handle even the bulkiest jackets and coats. Each hanger is equipped with non-slip pant bars to prevent slip-offs. Their deep engineered contour design and paddle-shaped ends prevent splinters.

Mawa’s Space-saving Hanger Project

The Mawa Space-Saving clothes hanger is a slim, compact hanger with a continuous steel rod design and an anti-slip PVC coating. Available in multiple colors, the hanger is durable and space-saving, and is ideal for storing clothing and scarves.

The Mawa space-saving clothes hanger has some distinct advantages over the competition. Unlike other clothes hangers, it’s more convenient to use in closets, thanks to its higher design. The swiveling hook makes access to the clothes easier, while the tier hook helps maximize vertical space.

Kirby Allison’s Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger

The Kirby Allison’s Luxury Wooden Jacket hanger is a great way to properly hang your expensive jackets and coats. These hangers feature a 2.5″ shoulder flare and are made from dark, rich wood. They also feature a felted trouser bar that prevents collapse.

Allison was working at a consulting firm in Dallas when he came up with the idea for a luxury wood suit hanger. He began selling the hangers to menswear enthusiasts on the side. A review in The Wall Street Journal made Allison confident enough to pursue The Hanger Project full-time. The Hanger Project became the first luxury wood hanger collection to be marketed directly to end consumers. He soon expanded his product line to include luxury shoe care accessories.

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