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Things to Do in Holbrook, Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona, is a small town with a population of about 5,053 people. It is the county seat of Navajo County. Here are some things you can do in the area. Check out the Navajo County Courthouse, the Historic Blue Forest Trail, Heward Park, and the Plotz Plot.

Navajo County Courthouse

The Navajo County Courthouse in Holbrow, Arizona, serves the public with misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, as well as civil traffic matters and evictions. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to the Navajo County Historical Museum and the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce.

The Navajo County Courthouse was built fourteen years before Arizona became a state. The courthouse is located at the intersection of Arizona Avenue and Navajo Boulevard. The Navajo County Museum is adjacent to the courthouse. It is open to the public seven days a week and has an exhibit about Navajo history.

Navajo County was split off from Apache County in 1895. Holbrook served as the county seat. In the 1800s, many cowboys and lawmen lived in the area. Some of them became Rough Riders with Theodore Roosevelt. In 1902, the Hashknife Outfit went bankrupt, and much of Holbrook’s land was sold to the Babbitt brothers. In 1914, Holbrook was the only county seat without a church. In addition, the Mormons had relocated to Snowflake, 25 miles to the south. However, tourism began to take over the economy.

The courthouse was constructed in 1898. It has been the site of many famous trials throughout the years. The old county jail was located in the basement of the courthouse. It was furnished with tiny dark jail cells, which were brought to Holbrook on railroad flatcars. Despite the small space, the jail cells proved to be very effective. No one ever escaped from the cells during the 78 years since the courthouse was completed.

The Navajo County Courthouse in Holbrow, Arizona, has a variety of public services. It has birth, marriage, and death records, as well as military and census records. Additionally, the clerk’s office handles probate cases. If you need to visit the courthouse, you can request an appointment with the probate clerk or judge.

If you are arrested in Holbrook, Arizona, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They will have information on the assigned judge and will be able to explain your case to them in the most concise and professional manner. In addition, the county complex has all county offices.

Historic Blue Forest Trail

Located in northeastern central Arizona, Holbrook, Arizona, is home to the Painted Desert, a landscape of stacked bands of color, made of sandstone and clay. The colors are continually changing, creating a three-dimensional painting that can be seen for miles. The landscape is home to archeological sites, 225-million-year-old fossils, and historic structures.

The park’s boundaries were recently expanded to include a huge section of the surrounding desert. It is also home to large amounts of petrified wood, including many complete trunks, and photogenic eroded rock formations. One of the most fascinating sights is Onyx Bridge, a 40-foot-tall tree that spans a dry wash.

Hikers can enjoy the natural scenery of the area along the Historic Blue Forest Trail. Located near the Rainbow Forest National Park, it features petrified wood fragments. There is also an Indian gift shop near the park. While there, remember to be considerate of the park’s rules for taking fossils or petrified wood. The trails are easier to navigate if you have some route-finding experience. If you’re a novice, use a visitor center guide or download a GPS route for your trip.

The Blue Forest Trail is located near mile marker 14 of the Petrified Forest. The hike is 4.1 miles round-trip and has about 500 feet of cumulative elevation gain. It should take no more than one or two hours to complete. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a shorter hike that is not too strenuous.

Petrified Forest National Park, a short drive from Holbrook, is home to petrified wood, badlands, and a wide variety of plants and animals. It is a popular tourist destination with over 630,000 visitors each year. There are many attractions at Petrified Forest National Park, including a petrified forest and moon-like landscapes.

The trail winds along an old road grade for about a half-mile before starting to climb gently. There are switchbacks and wooden posts that mark the route. The trail also features a photo guide to help you find landmarks along the way.

Heward Park

For an exciting family day out, take a ride through the Lazer + Mirror Maze. This unique puzzle maze has rickety bridges, false passages, and trick lasers that can twist your mind. While you’re there, you can also collect Miles App points.

The Arizona Boardwalk has eight different attractions, including rides and arcades. This is a premier entertainment destination in Scottsdale. You can enjoy free events and fun festivals throughout the year. During the summer, the Arizona Boardwalk hosts foam parties for kids, free parking, and free admission.

The Scottsdale Museum of the West is an excellent place for art lovers to enjoy. It houses exhibits from the western states, as well as Mexico and Canada. There are also two floors of art memorabilia that showcase western culture. The museum also features Hopi pottery and sculptures in the central courtyard.

The Parada del Sol Parade has become a Scottsdale tradition. With over 150 floats and dance troupes, it is the largest horse-drawn parade in the world. The event features performances, seminars, and gala parties. The event has been held in Scottsdale for 45 years and has evolved into a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

The Civic Center Mall is more than a shopping mall. It features rose gardens, ducks, and other public art. It also includes an amphitheater that sometimes hosts live performances. The area is also home to the Cosanti Foundation, where you can view bronze sculptures and wind chimes.

The trail is an easy hike and offers a beautiful view of the area. There are also washrooms, picnic tables, and plaques with information about desert plants, animals, history, and more. Parking is limited in the parking lot, but if you are traveling in a car, you can park your car on the street nearby.

There are several attractions in the area that are perfect for families. You can also go shopping in Old Town Scottsdale, which features a variety of boutiques and cozy restaurants. There are also many options for nightlife. And if you’re looking for a family day out, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Arizona Children’s Museum.

Plotz Plot

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit in Holbrook Arizona, try the Plotz Plot. This unusual site is the brainchild of Atlas Obscura, a website that catalogues interesting places around the world. The Plotz Plot is an Arizona desert site located about a mile from Route 66 and one of the first places in their database.

This campground features ostriches and creepy mannequins on sale. You can even buy petrified wood at this campground. A souvenir shop is located nearby. The town is also close to Petrified Forest National Park. There are a variety of activities in Holbrook, including rock-hounding and souvenir hunting.

For those interested in history, the town is home to the Navajo County Historical Museum. There are many items of historical interest, from Route 66 to the Apache and Navajo cultures. There are also displays of fossils and local culture. These exhibits are sure to give anyone an insight into the history of the area.

If you’re looking for something different to do in Holbrook, Arizona, you can visit the Petrified National Forest. This historic park features fossilized trees and plant fossils. The park was originally 146 square miles, but it has grown to 346 square miles.

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